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Translation Companies

Translation companies operating in the cloud make a huge difference and outpace their competition in terms of mobility, agility and flexibility. Nubuto, among other cloud or desktop applications, is a smarter choice for many reasons. Nubuto is not only a CAT tool but also a TMS; you can both translate and also manage translations on Nubuto. Translation memories, concordance, terminology, QA, machine translation, customer users, workflow management and many other functionalities are built into one easy-to-use software.


Nubuto is a user-friendly solution for enterprises generating and publishing content in multiple languages. Buy Nubuto corporate and start managing your freelance translators and also translation agencies in the cloud. Our mobile app will make your life so easier that you will never want to go back to the old days. Managing multilingual with Nubuto saves you time, money and effort, not to mention added quality of built-in translation memory and corporate terminology management modules. Ideal for hospitals, publishers, news agencies and government bodies.


Freelancers are more than half of the global translation community and Nubuto is just the right tool for them. Nubuto requires less computing power because it is cloud based; just like Facebook or Google. A basic PC, an old MAC or a tiny tablet would do. Use Nubuto, spend less on computers, have access to your translation memories and glossaries at any computer and be ready to take the next job offer even when your are on the go. Being responsive is very important for a freelancer; you don’t want to a miss a high paying client.

One month free trial


Ultra Secure

Nubuto offers finger print and 2 step verification; our infrastructure is protected by 128-bit encryption. We are a thousand times more secure compared to sending out emails to subcontractors.

Real Time

Collaborate in real-time; share, comment, see team members’ translations and chat with each other.

Less Click is More

Creating, updating automating translation workflows, sending POs, downloading business reports or accessing to corrections all possible with a click if not only a few.


About us

Nubuto as a SAAS software aims to eliminate language barriers by faciliating multilingual localization. Our clients include government agencies, hospitals, publishers, game & app developers, PR and news agencies, in addition to translation offices and freelance translators.

Although Nubuto is a secure cloud platform, you may also install your own instance on your company servers for a minimum 10 user licenses.

Nubuto is available to a single user and for as short as a month. And can instantenously scale up to 3000 connected users for enterprise needs. Read more on our Why & How Nubuto page.

If you are studying translation at a university, you can use Nubuto for free. Details are on our universities page. We are happy to help future translators get prepared for their career.

Nubuto CAT  and TMS software is developed in cooperation with XTM International and Turkey’s leading translation agency Dragoman Language Technologies. Please visit to explore our online portal, a true example of tech & content partnership.