Why Nubuto

We love language technologies.

Our passion is listening to clients ideas, thinking through solutions and helping them eliminate language barriers. Be it as critical as healthcare and justice or as fun as telenovelas and computer games, we aim to simplfy translation processes. 


Tell us what you need.


Our team will analyse options.


We will come-up with a solution.


And update our software.

Less Clicks is More

If you have multilingual tasks, your job is heavy enough! Let us make the journey simpler and more enjoyable.


Our focus on cross platform design ensures a seamless user experience. PC, Apple, and most tablets are supported. No installation needed, if you have Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you can start using Nubuto anytime.


Nubuto interface is available in 10+ languages to increase productivity of local resources. Our translation & editing module supports 150+ file types and 100 languages / alphabets. 


Manage your translation tasks on the go with our mobile apps available in both iOS and Android. Send & receive files, create projects, assign linguists, monitor real-time progress. 

Real-time, real power

Nubuto enables seamless and secure collaboration among remote teams & experts at multiple locations using multiple devices.


You can both translate and also manage translators on Nubuto. We have integrations with Adobe, WordPress, Joomla and many other platforms. Nubuto also has its own market place to exhange teams and jobs. We offer smart dashboards and real-time reports for managers. Nubuto strives to give you all you need for multilingual localization from workflow, translation, memory, terminology, QA and concordance, to PDF convertion, alignment and even collecting credit card payments. How about saving and automating any workflow? You will love it. 


Chat with your team, see everybody's progress real time, comment, correct, add & remove files, change target languages, update source files, split a rush job on the go, visualize web files and a lot more. Collaborate with designers on indesign or photoshop files, with engineers on AutoCAD or with developers on JSON. You are not doomed to Word and Excel anymore. Even more, thanks to XLIFF files you can smoothly exhange jobs with other CAT tools. Our functional API effortlessly bridges to common CMSs. And did you know you could connect to other Nubuto users and borrow licenses? 


Compared to sending out emails to individual translators, translating on Nubuto is 1000 times more secure. Nubuto's infrastructure boasts a banking-grade 128-bit encryription. All connecting devices require pre-verification and users can choose a finger print or a 2-step identification. Our servers are inspected by independent security auditors on a regular basis. If you are connected, you are vulnerable and therefore we believe it is much better to trust in one well-built, well-protected and well-inspected platform, upload files and work in a secure environment, than sending out sensitive content via email. 

Start your free trial today

Create a 30-day trial account and start using Nubuto today. No credit card required. You may want to open a freelancer account or a corporate trial with 50 users; we do not limit your testing options. Do please use our tools, ask us questions, let us guide you on your migration to the cloud. 

Opening a Nubuto account is as simple as 1, 2, 3, just like opening a Gmail, FB or Twitter account.  No downloads, no installations needed. 

We do not count users; we only limit number of connecting users at the same time. Meaning, you may open hundreds of users but only licensed amount of them can connect concurrently.  

You may be a total stranger to CAT tools, or a senior professional with years of experience on desktop software.

Feel free to contact us! We are here to listen and support. 

Save to Earn

Nubuto is designed to help you save on costs, improve your efficiency and job satisfaction and thereby earn more.


Nubuto's memory is smarter and gives better matches. Unlike other CAT tools, Nubuto does not wait until your next assignment to show you memory matches. Our powerful real-time engine updates matches immediately and helps your team save significantly on lead times and also on additional editing effort. Even more, you can add other TMs or term bases to an ongoing job, if needed, to increase matches and consistency. Advanced users love our smart segment locks, automated match populations and memory clean-up options. 


We do not limit translation projects, memories or term bases. We do not limit number of users; we only count number of connections. We do not lock you in for ever; you can use Nubuto for as short as a month and add more licenses on-demand, even just for a busy week. All Nubuto licenses are full; we do not seperate manager vs linguist licenses; it is up to you to manage user access levels. You can use our Excel editor to work offline, exhange projects with other CAT tools via XLIFF files and connect to many CMS platforms effortlessly. 


How would you like to have an enterprise server with real-time 3000 connections? You can have it now, instantenously with Nubuto. Old school desktop tools may need powerful and expensive computers, yet a tablet can satisfy Nubuto's browser requirements. Stop investing in big computers or expensive servers. Do not waste your time to install software; enjoy the freedom of the cloud. Nubuto is a browser-based tool, available 24/7. You will onboard new users faster and need less licenses than desktop tools for the same team size, because of round-the-clock factor. 

We would love to hear from you.